Solid Surface Shower Wall Systems

Shower Wall Systems

The need for an aseptic environment does not mean having to compromise on design.

Discover the ultimate solution for your bathroom renovation with solid surface shower wall systems from Engineered for durability, these showers offer unmatched resistance to stains, scratches, and mold, ensuring longevity and easy maintenance. With customizable designs, seamless integration of features, and a sleek aesthetic, our solid surface shower wall systems elevate the look and functionality of any bathroom space. Experience hassle-free installation and enjoy a hygienic environment with non-porous surfaces that resist bacterial growth. Transform your bathroom into a modern oasis with


  • Durability: Solid surface showers are highly durable, resistant to stains, scratches, and mold.
  • Low maintenance: They require minimal upkeep, with easy cleaning using mild soap and water.
  • Customizable design: Solid surface showers offer flexibility in design, allowing for custom shapes, sizes, and configurations.
  • Sleek appearance: The seamless and sleek look of solid surface showers enhances the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom.
  • Integration: They can seamlessly integrate various features like shelves and benches into the design.
  • Easy installation: Solid surface showers are relatively easy to install, saving time and effort during the renovation process.
  • Hygienic: Non-porous surface resists mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, promoting a healthier environment in the bathroom.

Aesthetic You Need

Our Shower Wall Systems are currently available from these two manufacturers.  Read about their ranges and when you're ready, contact a sales representative for more help with your project.


Solid surface sheets are designed for applications in Wellness, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Military, and various other sectors. These sheets boast a 100% acrylic composition, ensuring they resist bacteria absorption. They are easily assembled without seams and can be cleaned using standard household products.


100% Acrylic Solid Surface sheets are crafted to withstand a wide array of chemical products. This highly durable, weather-resistant material boasts strength, non-porosity, scratch, and stain resistance, making it ideal for both architectural designs and practical surfaces.

Easy Install

These 100% Acrylic Solid Surface sheets come in various standard sizes to meet the marketplace needs. Standard width options include 36-inch, 48-inch, and 60-inch widths, with lengths of 96-inch and 145-inch depending on the manufacturer.

Integra Adhesives TopSeal

Make installation easy with TopSeal from Integra Adhesives.  TopSeal is an MS Polymer, hybrid sealant and adhesive, designed to set those panels in place, and color-matched for creating a water-tight seal in your corners.