LX Hausys Wide Sheet Program


LX Hausys Wide Sheets are currently available in S006 Arctic White stocked in 6mm(¼”), 9mm(3/8”), 12mm(½”) thicknesses.  All solid color options from LX HIMACS are available with FTL MOQ.  View the full range of Solid colors here.


Easy Install

1/4" 36" 98"
1/4" 60" 98"
3/8" 36" 145"
1/2" 36" 145"
1/2" 60" 145"

Wide Format sheets come in various standard sizes to meet the marketplace needs. Standard width options include 36-inch and 60-inch widths & 98-inch and 145-inch lengths.

* All Solid Colors are available with FTL MOQ

Right Size Program

Personalized Sizing

With the RIGHT SIZE® PROGRAM, Avonite Surfaces® will manufacture the sheets in whatever thickness, width, length and in any color you choose.

Sustainable Choice

The choice to use the RIGHT SIZE® PROGRAM allows for optimal sheet size which reduces scrap. Less scrap means taking a step to help the environment.

Saves Time

The use of large sheets reduces the number of seams required. Fewer seams mean less adhesive, which uses less fabrication time, and therefore less cost.