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    Begin by selecting the material and color, then width and depth, followed by sink and edge options.

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    POTENTIAL DELAYS: Due to industry-wide supply shortages, we are experiencing additional delays of up to six-weeks in the production of certain custom vanity top configurations. Please contact our customer service department at 888-715-3007 (EXT 4 for vanities) with questions. We appreciate your patience during this time.

    Need Assistance? Reach out to one of our Vanity Top Specialists at 888-715-3007, Option 4

    Color and Size

    Vanity top widths come in standard vanity sizes up to 144". Custom widths may be purchased by ordering the next larger size and choosing the correct width. Vanity top depths typically measure 22” from front to rear, although custom depths may also be ordered.

    • About overhang: If you are replacing the vanity top, the correct measurements may already include the overhang. If all that is there now is the cabinet, then add 3/4" to 1" for the edges that are not against the wall. This amount should be included in the width and depth when ordering.

    Sink Options

    • Visit the Sink Options Detail page for more information and specifications for the sinks offered in the vanity top program.

    • Vanity tops come with 3 sink options: no sinks or holes, undermount solid surface or undermount porcelain sink.

    • Solid surface sinks are available in oval and rectangular shapes and  are both attached under the vanity top in what is called an integrated undermount fashion so that the top flows seamlessly into the bowl.

    • The porcelain sinks are oval and mounted under the vanity top. The edge of the vanity top overhangs the sink opening about ¼”.

    • Sink Edge Thickness: Increase the thickness of the countertop around the edge of the sink   opening to one inch which gives the top a thicker appearance. Learn more about sink build-up options.

    Faucet Hole Options

    • Faucet hole configurations are optional and include a single, centered 1-3/8” hole, three 1-3/8” holes where the centers of the 2 outer holes are 4" apart (4 inch on center), and three 1-3/8” holes where the centers of the 2 outer holes are 8" apart (8 inch on center).

    Edge and Backsplash Options

    • Tops come with a 4” backsplash that is attached to the wall and vanity top by the purchaser. 4” left or right side splashes are available. Coved backsplash and side splashes are also available options.

    • Tops have a 1.5” thick edge and a choice of edge profiles.

    Installation Information

    • The top can be set directly on the vanity cabinet since 1“  thick buildup spacing strips are shipped in place under the top (see images below). The strips provide support for sides with no finished edge and elevate the top so the edge drop of  1” does not interfere with drawers opening. The buildup strips rest on the top edge of the cabinets.

    • Read our Vanity Top Installation guide which goes into greater detail.

    Lead Time

    • Our current lead time is 4-6 weeks depending on customization specs of the vanity.

    Tops are fabricated in the USA by a certified Corian fabricator.

    Words From Actual Customers

    I am very pleased with the vanity top that I received from The quality is excellent and it is exactly what I ordered.

    ★★★★★ Cheryl F. (Verified Buyer)


    Excellent Corian top - looks great. Very happy with my 72 inch Corian vanity top in Glacier White color. It looks modern and fit perfectly into the space between two walls. Best price I could find anywhere and it arrived promptly. My contractor was impressed.

    ★★★★★ Eileen L. (Verified Buyer)


    Wonderful outcome. I was a little nervous to order such a big item online. But I did it and was so happy with the outcome. I love my countertops! Delivery from Estes was fantastic.

    ★★★★★ Sue L., 2 Vanity Tops (Verified Buyer)


    Beautiful product and quick turnaround. We ordered a custom countertop and sink. The set was beautiful and carefully packed. We are enjoying it already.

    ★★★★☆ Kristin F. (Verified Buyer)


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