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Fully Stocked Brands of Acrylic Solid Surface

SolidSurface.com carries six full lines of acrylic solid surface, suitable for acrylic countertops and other projects.

Formica® Solid Surfacing
Smooth and shapely, Formica's beauty runs deep. With Formica® Solid Surfacing, the color and features go all the way through so it looks perfectly finished from any angle. This provides innumerable design options, including edgings, accents and inlay for countertops, vanities, sinks or custom applications. Formica® Solid Surfacing enhances the natural and manufactured beauty of products and coordinates with all Formica® surfacing products. This design feature provides you with a simplified path for coordination of the elements of your design environment.

Livingstone, by US Surface Warehouse
Livingstone solid surface is the product to buy for low prices, exceptional quality, and best selling colors. Their SmartPalette™ contains 46 Exceptional colors, large enough to coordinate with any project yet small enough to provide exceptional value.

Affinity Solid Surface
Affinity Solid Surface is a beautiful solid surface option. This premium surfacing material is durable, non-porous, stain resistant, and completely renewable. Affinity Solid Surface isn't just for countertops, it can also be used for bathroom vanities, shower surrounds and much more, offering you endless design possibilities and backed by a 10 Year Warrant

This full line of acrylic solid surface, is made by LG Hausys. HI-MACS® offers an elegant look combined with a surface that stands up to all sorts of wear and tear, transforming your counters into multi-functional surfaces. There's a HI-MACS® color pattern to suit every home and every style, and this acrylic solid surface offers one of the best warranties in the business.

Samsung Staron®
This full line of acrylic solid surface, is made by Samsung. Staron® solid surfaces and Staron® Tempest are versatile, acrylic decorative surfacing materials that have multiple commercial uses and are popular countertop materials in home construction and remodeling.

Hanwha Hanex
Perfect for both home and commercial applications, Hanex solid surface is beautiful, very durable, aesthetically pleasing, has design flexibility, and multiple colors from which to choose. The Hanex sheets are produced from a blend of acrylic resins and colorful soft flecks, allowing the material to be easily cut and shaped to suit multiple needs. Unlike other surfacing materials such as granite, some quartz, laminates and concrete, Hanex Solid Surfaces can be used in the many applications where sanitation (NSF certification) is of utmost importance. Examples include home and commercial kitchens, hospitals, laboratories, playrooms, schools, public restrooms and workspaces. Hanex Solid Surfaces can be fabricated and installed with invisible seams and integrated sinks and backsplashes revealing its practicality, beauty, flexibility, usability and cost effectiveness.

Provides you with endless creativity, Meganite's expansive offering of colors and textures allows for use in many interior environments. Meganite solid surface is also the product of choice for creating new and innovative forms. It is conducive to molding and forming unique shapes and edge treatments. This makes Meganite an excellent choice for your projects in solid surface including Meganite countertops, sinks, sills and wall or shower cladding. Meganite has enduring beauty due to its high performance durability, ease of maintenance and ability to be repaired and repurposed.

Mystera Solid Surface delivers the look of natural stone with the benefits of solid surface, providing elegance for your kitchen countertops, tabletops, center island, vanity tops, tub surround and shower walls.

Acrylic solid surface is an ideal countertop material, and SolidSurface.com is proud to offer these three complete acrylic solid surface lines. We also carry a huge variety of overstock solid surface from brands like Corian® and Formica®, including overstock HI-MACS® and overstock House Premium® solid surface.