Important Freight and Pick-up Information

Please read the entire contents of this document. There are specific instructions and information about the delivery and pick up of your solid surface material, sink, or vanity top shipped via freight truck. We recommend printing this page for reference prior to accepting delivery of your order.

Thank you for choosing for your solid surface needs.

How are items packaged and shipped?

  • Solid surface material is carefully packaged on a skid/pallet and will be shipped by a freight carrier to the address you specified or to a local freight terminal near you.
  • Vanity tops are carefully packaged and crated and will be shipped via freight carrier to the address you specified or to a local freight terminal near you.
  • Sinks are carefully packaged and typically shipped via FedEx Ground to the shipping address specified when ordered.

Important disclaimer, PLEASE NOTE

It is imperative that our customers understand that has worked with CH Robinson, one of the world's largest Freight Brokers for over 12 years. Not only do they fully arrange and support all aspects of the freight deliveries, they also ensure the most cost effective and fastest shipping available; This helps minimize travel distance and ultimately the possibility of damage. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, you and your load are fully insured as long as this policy is adhered to; The main factor to remember is that any damaged items MUST BE REFUSED UPON DELIVERY/PICKUP, failure to refuse and ANY instance of accepting damaged items removes our ability to assist with potential claims. If you are not planning on using your items upon receipt, it is imperative that you still inspect the items at time of delivery. Customer service is our top priority, the freight acceptance policy was developed together with CH Robinson and is in place for your protection and allows us the recourse to resolve concerns in a timely manner. If you have any questions regarding our Freight Acceptance policy, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team prior to ordering. We are open Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday-Friday.


  • THE TRUCK DRIVER WILL NOT OFFLOAD ITEMS, it is the responsibility of the buyer to have the equipment and/or people available to off load the items within 20 minutes. Lift gate use to unload the items from the freight truck is NOT included in shipping and delivery. If you accept or request the use of a lift gate, you will be charged the additional $165 fee.
  • DO NOT SIGN, or have someone else sign, for your shipment until you/they have thoroughly inspected it for any damage, shortage, and verified the correct color was shipped.
  • INSPECT the item:
    • Solid surface material: Thoroughly inspect your solid surface shipment. Be prepared to open the crate--i.e. cutting metal straps and cardboard, prying open the wooden crate-- that encloses the sheets of material. Do not let the truck driver, or freight terminal attendant, rush you through the process of thoroughly inspecting all of the sheets. Any damage found after you have signed for the shipment will not be covered. If picking up at a freight terminal, bring extra straps, or rope, to secure your material, after accepting delivery, for transport to your home or job site.
    • Vanity tops: Be prepared to open the crate to complete a thorough inspection of your vanity top. Do not let the truck driver, or freight terminal attendant, rush you through the process of thoroughly inspecting the vanity top. Any damage found after you’ve signed for the shipment will not be covered.
    • Sinks are shipped via FedEx. Please open and inspect the sink before accepting delivery. If there is any damage, refuse the shipment and notify immediately. If FedEx delivers the sink without someone signing for it, please open immediately to inspect. If there are any issues, contact us as soon as possible. If we are not immediately notified of damage, we will not be able to file a claim and offer reimbursement or replacement.
  • DO NOT PRESUME if a pallet/crate or box appears undamaged that the contents are undamaged.
  • DO NOT SIGN for and take possession of the shipment if it has clearly been damaged, or it is short of material,.
  • REFUSE the entire shipment if any sheet material is broken, has deep surface gouges, or broken corners (minimum 3" diagonal piece).* If you have a digital camera, take pictures of the damage to email to us. Write “REFUSED DELIVERY DUE TO DAMAGE (or SHORTAGE)" on the delivery ticket. Immediately contact at 888-715-3007 so we may gather more information and provide you with further instruction. *Important note - scraped sheet edges, and pea size chips do not constitute sufficient damage to refuse a shipment.
  • DO NOT OPEN or unpack the shipment if the carrier delivers your shipment and does not obtain a signature. Contact immediately at 888-715-3007 so we may gather more information and provide you with further instruction.


It is the responsibility of the receiver -- you, or someone acting on your behalf -- to report any damages in shipping, material shortages, or incorrect colors shipped. It is NOT the shipper’s, nor’s responsibility to report damages. will initiate the claim process with the information we receive from you.

Your claim for damages, shortages, and/or incorrect colors WILL NOT be reviewed, nor processed by, nor the shipper, unless instructions are followed exactly as outlined in items 1-6 of “Before Accepting Material.”

We cannot determine whether damages, shortages, or incorrect colors resulted prior to or after you, or someone acting on your behalf, took possession of the shipment. By following the instructions stated in the previous section, will then be able to file a damage or shortage claim according to the carrier’s guidelines.

In no event will be held liable for any loss or damage including, but not limited to, lost profits, incidental, or consequential damages resulting after delivers the goods to the carrier, or during the shipment of goods.

Please understand these instructions are in place to protect both you, and, should there be any damage, shortage, incorrect color, or fraudulent claims made by customers, shippers, or suppliers.

Please print this document, and have it available for reference when your shipment arrives.

Contact us immediately at 888-715-3007 should you have any questions about any of this information.