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12 New Generation Solid Surface Designs from Avonite™

Residential wine wall using Avonite Studio Collection™ Ocean Breeze Residential wine wall using Avonite Studio Collection™ Ocean Breeze. Image courtesy of Aristech Surfaces®.

Let your imagination run wild for a moment thinking about the variety of projects  you could create with solid surface material that is vibrant with color, translucent enough for backlighting and has the appearance of movement or texture.  With the launch of Avonite™ Surfaces’ (a brand of Aristech Surfaces®) 12 new design materials under their Studio Collection™, the possibilities are endless.

The new colors fall into three Studio Collection categories:  The Elements (translucent veined colors), The Mosaics (think terrazzo) and Frosted Glass (great for backlighting).  Pictured is a gorgeous, custom-designed wine wall using one of the new colors from The Elements Collection, Ocean Breeze.

The applications for this next-generation, proprietary resin-blend material vary widely from artwork, to backlit bar tops, to column wraps, to store fixtures, to countertops, anywhere aesthetics and lighting are the essential elements of design.  Just as varied are the industry uses, ranging from Healthcare to Recreational Vehicles to Marine to Hospitality to Residential, and the list goes on.

Interior designers are using this versatile, performance-driven solid surface material as a cost-effective alternative to other high-end surfaces such as glass, concrete, porcelain or onyx.  The Avonite™ solid surface material is easy to install with inconspicuous seams, is thermoformable, repairable, safe and hygienic.  With the addition of these stunning Studio Collection™ colors, it is quickly becoming a top choice in solid surface design material.

Frosted Glass Collection

Avonite Studio Collection™ Citron Citron
Avonite Studio Collection™ Harbor Fog Harbor Fog
Avonite Studio Collection™ Catalina Catalina
Avonite Studio Collection™ Pewter Pewter
Avonite Studio Collection™ Grenadine Grenadine
Avonite Studio Collection™ Pure Aqua Pure Aqua

The Elements Collection

Avonite Studio Collection™ Ocean Breeze Ocean Breeze
Avonite Studio Collection™ Tempest Tempest
Avonite Studio Collection™ Rose Quartz Rose Quartz
Avonite Studio Collection™ Jet-Stream Jet Stream

The Mosaics Collection

Avonite Studio Collection™ Terrazzo Terrazzo
Avonite Studio Collection™ Crushed Garnet Crushed Garnet

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Read the full story here: http://www.avonite.com/new-design-materials/

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