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Corian(r) Overtsock and Discontinued

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Guide to Getting Started with Solid Surface

Material + Sinks + Adhesive = Your New Countertop

What is Solid Surface?

Solid surface material is an acrylic resin composite typically used as kitchen and bath countertop surfaces and shower wall enclosures. Corian® is the most well-known brand.  It can be made to look like granite, quartz, marble, mottled glass, stainless steel and a host of other materials. New and creative applications for this versatile material include sign-making, window sills, gun handles, artwork, lamps, pen-turning, cutting boards, pen-making, guitar bodies, and much more.

Solid surface is non-porous and resistant to stains and chemicals, making it a perfect fit for industries concerned with bacteria on medical facility surfaces and for food-preparation areas in restaurants and homes. Because it has the same color and pattern throughout, blemishes such as cuts, scrapes, and other marks can be removed with soap and water, mild abrasives, or by sanding (and buffing) so the surface is renewed to its matte, satin, or gloss finish. It has a Class 1 Fire Rating.

Because you can use most wood-cutting tools with it and color-matching adhesives to glue it together seamlessly, it can provide a surface where wiping food particles into the sink is effortless: a solid surface molded sink can be seamlessly attached as an integral undermount. Stainless, porcelain, copper, or glass sinks can also be undermounted for an appealing and easy-to-maintain clean look.

At SolidSurface.com, you will find sheet material in a wide array of brands, colors, and sizes. You’ll also find sinks, matching adhesives, applicator guns, mixing tips, router bits and all the other tooling needs for working with this great material.


Select Sheet Material

Your project or job will determine what size and color material to use. We offer the highest quality of solid surface currently in production that meets all of the specifications set by the manufacturer. Specifications, test results, and fabrication procedures are similar across brands. 

We offer fully stocked brands where the colors are continuously available. We also carry solid surface that is no longer in production or is excess inventory, where you may find the color to match your existing solid surface counter or vanity top.

Partial sheets (also known as remnants) or surplus items are new pieces of solid surface in varying sizes left over from fabrication projects. They come from distributor warehouses (typically the 1/2 sheet sizes) and fabrication shops all over the USA. These pieces may be ideally suited for your small project.


Select Sinks

Brands Types Material Install Type


Kitchen Sinks
Bathroom Sinks
Bar Sinks
Laundry Sinks
Acrylic (Solid Surface)
Stainless Steel 16ga
Stainless Steel 18ga
Stainless Steel 20ga
Drop-in Mount


Other Important Tools and Accessories

Adhesive Cartridges Applicator Gun Mixing Tips

Adhesives are used for seaming solid surface material together and come in matching colors so the seam is virtually invisible. The cartridges have a 10:1 ratio (base to activator) and contain 250ml.

One cartridge will dispense approximately 40 feet of a 1/4" bead of adhesive.

Mixing tips and applicator guns are sold separately.
select adhesive cartridges


Applicator Gun

The 10-to-1 ratio guns are for 250ml cartridges. They have two plungers, one for each cylinder of the cartridge.

The more expensive guns are for extended use while the less expensive are more than adequate for multiple fabrication projects. The more expensive guns have a higher (lower?)  ratio of trigger pull to plunger movement, providing a bit more control.

These guns do not work with Corian® brand adhesive but will work with most other brands (including all cartridges offered on SolidSurface.com)
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Mixing Tips

Mixing tips are placed on the cartridge and correctly mix the two-part adhesive as it passes through the tip. 

After sitting idle for about 20 minutes the adhesive will harden in the tip’s dispensing end and it will need to be replaced. So if there are 5 distinct start-and-stop steps to the project, then 5 or more tips will be needed.

We advise customers to have an ample supply of mixing tips at the start of a project, since shipping costs are the same for 1 or 20 tips.
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Router Bits


Abrasive Finishing Kits

Router bits are one of several tools that aid in fabrication of solid surface materials. They are used to make edges that can be seamed together, to cut out the sink openings, and to provide decorative edges and curved surfaces.
Finishing kits provide the abrasive materials that allow for the final step in the fabrication process. You choose the degree of sheen desired, whether matte, satin, or gloss. Instructions are included. Kit abrasives work with 5” random orbit sanders since they leave little in the way of sanding marks on the surface.